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Authorized Winndom™ Dealer

Winndom™ Mattresses

Did you know that you spend approximately a third of your life on your mattress? With that kind of time investment, shouldn't you be sleeping on the very best?

More than twenty-five years ago, Winn Butterworth, started the Winndom™ mattress company with the idea that he could make a better mattress at a reasonable price. Through his dedication to excellence and quality craftsmanship, he succeeded in his goal. Today, the Winndom™ mattress is the best sleeping surface money can buy.

Winndom™ uses only the finest materials to build their mattresses that are second to none in Comfort and Craftsmanship.  Coastal Comfort offers a full line for you to try.  From one and two sided mattresses in a range of comfort levels to the  amazing memory foam, we have one that is just right for you.  If not, we will design one for you.

If you have purchased or inherited an antique bed that needs a new mattress we can take care of that for you.  
We will come to your home and discuss with you the options and take measurements.  All you have to do is come by the store and decide which mattress is the best for you.

Do you like to read in bed or have a medical reason to be elevated?  Try an adjustable bed for the ultimate in comfort.  Available with wireless remotes.

Boat and RV Mattresses
The word is out…..Now you can sleep as well (or better) on your boat or in your RV as you do at home.

The incomparable comfort and quality of the Winndom™ mattress is available for both.  Custom fitting and measuring by the Coastal Comfort staff insures that your Winndom™ mattress will fit like a glove and meet whatever special requirements you may have. 

Whether you have a power or sail boat our mattresses are available in two models, the Ultimate Foam or the Premium Memory Foam.  Both mattresses are built with foundation layers, build up layers and plush comfort tops to insure your comfort.  The memory foam is made with the finest Vissco foams that are pressure sensitive and not heat sensitive which will keep you cooler and more comfortable throughout the night.  They are real mattresses, not just a piece of foam covered with fabric.

Ordering Your Custom Mattress

The ordering process starts with a custom fitting appointment. Our trained staff will make a template of your boat or RV in order to guarantee just the right fit. They will calculate the bevels and angles so that your mattress will fit perfect the very first time. Additionally, your mattresses can be hinged or split to allow access to compartments and storage.

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